22/05/2024 at 11:19 (GMT+7)
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Social insurance policy companion for workers' quality of life

The Vietnam Social Security has been actively improving its dissemination efforts by organising conferences, forums, and training sessions on social and health insurance. These events aim to educate officials, Party members, and the general public on the importance of social insurance. These activities take place in May, which is designated as the month for nationwide social insurance mobilisation this year.

The Viet Nam Social Security will also conduct direct dissemination activities targeting groups of workers, facing significant difficulties and high risks in labour and production in this month.

The agency plans to distribute materials to disseminate social and health insurance policies; integrate care programmes and customer support consultations at dissemination conferences and business dialogues to understand the desires and aspirations of participants better; reinforce the application of information technology in dissemination and mobilisation efforts.

The activities aim to emphasise and reaffirm that social insurance policies are humane policies of the Party and the State, ensuring social security for workers, and are not profit-oriented endeavours.

Social insurance policy is a companion for workers' quality of life

Currently, social insurance policies as well as health insurance policies are universally implemented, applying to all workers and citizens without discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion or economic status.

The social and health insurance contribution rates are determined according to the contribution capacity of workers and businesses.

The procedures for participation in and enjoyment of social and health insurance benefits are increasingly simplified.

The Decision No 1676/QĐ-TTg, issued on November 21, 2019, by the Prime Minister, approving the Comprehensive Renewal Project for the content, form, and methods of social insurance dissemination, regulates that May of each year is designated as the "Month for nationwide social insurance mobilisation".

The organisation of the month for nationwide social insurance mobilisation has attracted the attention of all layers of the population to social and health insurance policies, which are pillars of the national social security system over the past years.

The month serves as a reminder to each individual of their responsibility to contribute to the community.

As the agency responsible for organising and deploying the social and health insurance policies, with the motto "Putting people and businesses at the forefront and centre of service", Viet Nam Social Security has continued to make relentless efforts to fulfil all assigned tasks comprehensively, ensuring full and timely rights for participants and beneficiaries of social insurance policies.


Over the past 29 years, Viet Nam Social Security has endeavoured to implement health insurance policies, continuously expanding coverage, and consolidating the national social security system.

From 1995 to the end of last year, the sector served for over 144.8 million of participants, who were sick, pregnant, convalescing or recovering their health.

Between 2010 and the end of 2022, nearly 9.7 million participants received occupational accident benefits.

Currently, the total number of people receiving monthly retirement pensions and social insurance benefits exceeds 3.3 million.

 Communication work during the month for nationwide social insurance mobilisation

Moreover, since 2003 until last year, the sector collaborated with healthcare facilities to ensure the rights to health examination and treatment, covered by health insurance fund, for over 2.5 billion of arrivals of examination and treatment, along with addressing difficulties, resolving shortages of medicines and medical supplies, and promptly reimbursing health insurance costs, creating favourable conditions for healthcare facilities to serve health insurance beneficiaries.

Notably, amidst the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people's lives and employment, between 2020 and 2022, the sector actively and resolutely participated with relevant ministries and sectors in advising the Party, the State, the Government, and the Prime Minister on issuing numerous mechanisms and policies to support businesses and workers affected by the pandemic.

Simultaneously, it focused on mobilising all available resources, utilising existing data sources to promptly carry out efficient social insurance and occupational accident insurance support packages for beneficiaries, contributing to assisting dozens of millions of employees and employers to overcome difficulties, stabilise their lives, and restore production and business activities.

The achievements demonstrate the political determination of the sector at all stages, always prioritising the task of ensuring the rights of participants and beneficiaries of social and health insurance policies.

As a result, the social security rights of participants and beneficiaries are always ensured timely and in accordance with regulations, thereby reinforcing and enhancing the steadfast trust of all layers of the population in the Party's and the State's social security policies.

Social insurance is a significant social security policy of the Party and the State, helping workers prevent and cope with risks and fluctuations in employment, and stabilise their lives.