22/05/2024 at 12:39 (GMT+7)
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SHB Becomes First Vietnamese Bank to Receive Double Honors at Digital CX Awards 2024

At the Digital CX Awards 2024, SHB received two awards: "Outstanding Digital CX – Cash Management Platform" and "Best Technology Implementation for Digital CX”.

At the Digital CX Awards 2024 in Singapore, SHB was the first and sole Vietnamese bank to get two prizes for digital platform goods and solutions. The prize is a clear testament to the success of SHB's robust and comprehensive transformation strategy throughout time.

The Digital CX Awards are an annual award presented by The Digital Banker magazine and evaluated by partners PWC, Deloitte, Forrester, and Capco. This is the world's only award system that recognises and honours creative, trailblazing initiatives in digital customer experience services throughout the global financial ecosystem.

SHB proudly emerges as the recipient of two prestigious awards: Outstanding Digital CX - Cash Management Platform (Most Outstanding Digital Platform Experience - Cash Flow Management Platform category) for the product "Slink Virtual Accounts" and Best Technology Implementation for Digital CX (Applying the best technology for digital experience) with the solution "Automatic Credit Approval System” (ACAS)". SHB specifically investigated and developed the two digital solutions mentioned above using internal resources and personnel.

SHB Digital Banking, received the Outstanding Digital CX - Cash Management Platform award
Mr. Duong Quoc Tu, Deputy Director of SHB Digital Banking, received the Outstanding Digital CX - Cash Management Platform award

SHB's products contribute to more effective business management solutions than current traditional approaches. Transactions made to the business's payment account using the Slink identity account will be sorted, systematised, and processed quickly and automatically. Business clients can proactively identify business locations for each account; receive income from business locations to the business's payment account in real time; and conveniently monitor cash flow/revenue for each business location via Internet Banking. Allow each business location to query and monitor actual revenue quickly.

The “Slink Virtual Accounts” was built based on an idea from an employee at SHB's business unit. Every day, interacting, listening and understanding the concerns of corporate customers when coming to work, the female officer presented solutions to the board of directors. Immediately, the project was recognised as a company-wide initiative and was successfully deployed and applied by relevant departments in 2022. The product is the crystallization of intelligence, creativity and ingenuity. SHB staff's actions with the general orientation "Customer is the centre".

Alongside the award Outstanding Digital CX - Cash Management Platform, SHB's "Automatic Credit Approval System” (ACAS)" solution won the Best Technology Implementation for Digital CX category. The solution's outstanding trait is to give clients an exceptional experience by decreasing approval times and combining evaluation processes with automated technologies to provide credit cards and overdrafts whenever and wherever; minimising documents and procedures while yet meeting tight risk management criteria. The ACAS technology also helps internal procedures function efficiently; business units may quickly review credit approval results, a list of eligible or ineligible consumers, and the reasons for refusing to notify the customers on time.

"Slink Virtual Accounts" was honoured in the Outstanding Digital CX - Cash Management Platform award category
The "Slink Virtual Accounts" was honoured in the Outstanding Digital CX - Cash Management Platform award category

Compared to the traditional credit-granting process, the ACAS saves consumers - who need a loan - time and simplifies procedures and paperwork. Customers merely need to complete the registration form on the e-banking application, wait for notice, and then finish the registration process if the ACAS scans the database and determines that the user is eligible. Customers can spend their credit limit within 5 minutes. ACAS will be enhanced beginning in 2024 to serve business households as well as individual customers for loans such as home loans, car loans, home repairs,.. etc.

Following the magnificent milestones of the last 30 years, SHB is taking bold and thorough transformation steps towards a modern banking model. In particular, digital transformation with a clear strategy and development focus has yielded great results, allowing SHB to dramatically increase the number of clients and transactions. The bank has built many digital products and launched new "online" features such as a mobile application for corporate customers - SHB Corporate Mobile to help entrepreneurs proactively manage anytime, anywhere; SHB SAHA application integrates nearly 40 new features, providing individual customers with a new and unique experience; Advantages of selling foreign money online...

SHB automates internal processes, provides administration, digitises operating activities, manages risks, and supports business with artificial intelligence... 90% of the most significant transactions in banking can now be carried out entirely digitally. Simultaneously, 90% of customer transactions are conducted entirely through mobile and Internet banking digital channels.

In the years to come, SHB will continue expanding its resources and collaborating with trustworthy international partners to build application solutions on digital platforms. SHB anticipates that these solutions will not only enhance operational efficiency but also deliver tangible benefits to its clients through exceptional experiences and goods that address increasingly diversified demands.