21/04/2024 at 16:14 (GMT+7)
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Gov't approves national action program on women, peace and security

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang has signed a decision approving the national action program on women, peace and security for the 2024-2030 period.
Gov't approves national action program on women, peace and security- Ảnh 1.

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The program targets to promote gender equality, improve the role, position, voice, rights and obligations, and responsibilities of women when they participate in peace and security matters, contributing to peace, stability and sustainable development in Viet Nam and the world.

The program specifies specific goals by 2030, including women's full, equal and meaningful participation in politics, diplomacy, national defense and security, in dealing with non-traditional security challenges in the country as well as in maintaining international peace and security.

The program also aims to help women better deal with gender-based violence; integrate gender dimensions into rescue and recovery operations such as war consequence handling, prevention and handling of disasters and non-traditional security challenges; and enhance international cooperation in women, peace, and security.

In pursuance of the aforesaid goals, the Government will review and improve mechanisms, policies and regulations to strengthen women's participation in peace and security matters.

The Government will also improve the effectiveness of prevention and handling of gender-based violence while promoting the participation of women in handling international peace and security issues.

Viet Nam will actively promote its own initiatives and participate in initiatives and solutions at both bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms on women, peace and security.

The country will also boost international cooperation to seek foreign partners' support for the implementation of this program./.