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Elite Dental has introduced the PIC System full Arch optical Impression System

On September 11, 2023, Elite Dental officially launched and implemented the PIC System Full Arch Optical Impression System in the treatment of dental Implants, especially Full Arch Implants, with the goal of reducing treatment time and providing a more comfortable and gentle experience for patients with missing teeth.

"Image: Dr. Tran Hung Lam (Left cover) along with Mr. Truong Cong Phat (Right cover) from SIV Trading Company in the official moment of handing over the PIC System machine at Elite Dental."

With the advancement of science and technology, the Implant treatment process has undergone significant improvements. Today, the Implant treatment procedure is faster, yields more precise results, and offers a more comfortable and gentle experience for patients. As a specialized Implant treatment center, Elite Dental consistently leads the way in applying digital technologies from around the world to deliver optimal treatment results and experiences for our clients.

"Image: The Board of Directors of Elite Dental (Left cover) along with representatives from SIV Trading Company (Right cover)."

The Precise Implant Capture (PIC) System is an advanced global technology from Europe. This system is utilized in the Implant treatment process and has the capability to digitize the positions of Implant posts. This precise digitization assists the dentist in crafting porcelain crowns on Implants with pinpoint accuracy. Patients will save time on trial fittings and reduce the number of dental appointments. Additionally, the abandonment of traditional rubber impressions minimizes discomfort for patients, particularly for elderly individuals with underlying health conditions.

"Image: Dr. Tran Hung Lam next to the PIC System machine”

According to Dr. Tran Hung Lam, the Medical Director of Elite Dental, "The PIC System has greatly facilitated the process of crafting porcelain crowns on Implants. In some cases, the traditional rubber impression process would take around 30 minutes, but thanks to the application of PIC, we now only need about 5 minutes. This is very convenient and beneficial for older patients with underlying health conditions or sensitivity."

As a specialized Implant treatment center, Elite Dental consistently pioneers the application of cutting-edge digital technologies from around the world to deliver optimal treatment results and experiences for its clients. As shared by a patient who attended the event, Mr. Nguyen Van Nhuong (District 6 - 1956): "Around the age of 40, my teeth were still in good condition. However, when signs of decay appeared, my teeth deteriorated rapidly, resulting in the loss of my entire teeth. At that time, I couldn't eat anything, and my health deteriorated significantly. After undergoing Implant treatment at Elite Dental, I am currently using temporary teeth, but my life has changed dramatically. My ability to chew has improved by 80%, allowing me to eat more vegetables. Moreover, my diabetes has also significantly reduced, according to the specialist's assessment."

Mr. Nguyen Van Nhuong - a patient undergoing full arch dental restoration using the Implant method.

In line with our treatment philosophy of "Putting the patient at the center," Elite Dental continually updates our technologies and modern equipment to enhance the quality of treatment for our valued clients.


Established in 2012, Elite Dental - Implant and Digital Restorative Center, Tú Xương Branch, serves as a diagnostic center specializing in examinations, treatment for lost teeth, aesthetic and functional restorations. Elite Dental employs digital techniques and modern technologies to provide a comfortable, gentle, and time-efficient experience for our clients.

Furthermore, at Elite Dental, a full range of advanced dental equipment is available under the "All in 1 clinic" operating model. Services such as X-rays, examinations, and minor surgeries are performed on-site, ensuring convenience for clients during their treatment visits.

For more information about Elite Dental, please visit: https://elitedental.com.vn/

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