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Don’t waste “Godsend”

VIM - Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology, the advanced countries in the world have limited and gradually stopped exploiting fossil energy and instead used the renewable energy.

VIM - Coal, also known as black gold, has long been the main source of raw materials for thermal power plants. Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology, the advanced countries in the world have limited and gradually stopped exploiting fossil energy and instead used the renewable energy.

Coal has been redirected for more positive purposes to eliminate exploitation, avoid causing serious consequences to the environment, destroying resources and especially not  wasting the precious “energy-wind” that the Creator has given to humanity.

Hidden amount of coal reserves!

According to Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group - VINACOMIN, Vietnam’s coal reserves are very large: Quang Ninh has about 10.5 billion tons, of which 3.5 billion tons have been searched and explored, mainly anthracite coal. However, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), Vietnam’s coal reserve has 165 million tons. And according to BP Group (UK), the coal reserve of Vietnam is 150 million tons.

It is not known how the actual reserves of this black gold source (because it is buried deep in the ground) are when the statistics of the organizations have an incredible difference.

Reference to other countries, the UK under the time of the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has closed coal mines in the country. Japan, China and other powers also import coal instead of digging regardless of the consequences. Because they understand that overexploitation is the cause of a huge impact on the destruction of the environment, causing other negative impacts on social life and natural resource degradation.

Sao Mai Solar becomes a special tourist area right on the semi-mountainous area of Cam Mountain.

Overexploiting - hard to avoid before-eye retributions

Climate change is taking place more and more extremely when the unusual changes in rain and flood in China in recent times are typical examples. The phenomenon of global warming, drought, melting ice, sea level rise, saltwater intrusion, storms, floods, high tide ... everywhere makes the insecurity always permanent.

Let’s look at the reality to tell each other frankly that it’s time to act positively to make our life better. Because someone said that “our future depends on the choices we make from today.”

And perhaps it is the case that the renewable energy becomes an expensive candidate to replace fossil energy sources, which have begun to run out. Without the production costs, high stability, the electricity generated from the sun, wind will make an important contribution to the fight against climate change, reducing CO2 emissions, which are causing greenhouse effects ... meanwhile this resource is always present and available in nature.

Designing the clean energy industry

National power development plan for the period 2011-2020 with the vision up to 2030 estimates that the total solar power development capacity up to 2025 is about 14,450 MW, and about 20,050 MW by 2030.

Currently, Vietnam has 82 solar power projects with the total capacity of 4,460 MW that have been connected to the national grid, accounting for about 8.28% of the national total electricity output. In addition, there are about 13 ongoing projects with the total capacity of 630 MW, which are expected to be put into operation in the near future. 

Sao Mai Solar, the key to open the solar power treasure door.

Exploiting clean energy is the right direction of the Party and State of Vietnam, which is a smart strategy in protecting the environment and national resources and combating wasteful renewable energy and fossil fuels. In fact, Vietnam’s electricity is still lacking so seriously that it has to import from China, then the Government should consider whether to put the investment capital into “mining” or support clean energy investors. And what is the wise solution?

The Resolution 55 of the Politburo was issue as a “beacon” for the development of Vietnam’s energy sector. As for the renewable energy, the Resolution 55 should further elaborate the policies: preferential capital, reasonable tax policy for renewable energy investors, commercial electricity price mechanism and especially consistent operation from the central level to the enterprises.

Returning to the reality, the Covid-19 epidemic reappears with a more dangerous level threatening human lives and survival for the global economy if it is not completely controlled.

Like other fields, a series of solar power projects are under pressure on the progress of implementation because the land fund deployment has been delayed. International flights were suspended so foreign technical experts cannot come to Vietnam to handle related tasks. Factories in the world have not restored their production in time, but now they have to cover the blanket because of the lockdown. All the above developments completely upset the business development strategies of the investors in general and renewable energy investors and they have to suffer the costs of “waiting”. The great renewable energy project also has to stand still when the transport route of installation equipment is interrupted due to the impact of floods and diseases from China - which supplies up to 80% of solar power components worldwide.  

Vietnam has a great advantage of geographic location, which is near the equator, the sea, and high terrain relative to sea level. The hot sun which is not in use is still hot and there is nothing in nature but the hot sun. The wind which is not used is still the teasing wind. While the science, engineering and technology are always aiming for the top, the energy revolution is in the hand palm. Therefore, turning the sun - wind into a useful source of electricity for life will be helpless for the investors when the Government is not “open”.

According to the data of the Vietnam Coal Power Industry Planning with a vision up to 2030, it is required about VND 269,003 billion, an average of VND 17,934 billion/year (from State budget, preferential loans, equitization, bonds etc.) into mining to increase coal output for thermal power generation and a part for export. It is thought that the Governmental Resolution 55 will work if it regulates the cash flow from fossil energy to renewable energy in a smart manner.


By Lap Nguyen

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